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Welcome Prospective Egg Donors

Dear Prospective Donors,

Thank you for considering Tiny Treasures as you investigate the possibility of offering the gift of egg donation. Since infertility is an indiscriminate condition, we are in search of women from all walks of life, including all ethnicities, every race, with any hair and eye color, varying physical attributes, academic achievements and/or special talents. We do require that our Donors possess a strong sense of commitment, the ability to demonstrate integrity and dependability, as well as a genuine humanitarian desire to assist an infertile couple/individual in conceiving. Egg donation requires a serious contribution of time and effort and involves undergoing medical procedures. Our Donors must be willing to commit to the entire process, from start to finish. Egg donation has been described as one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions a woman can make. We are here to help make the process a pleasant and fulfilling experience.Become an Egg Donor Image

We are an egg donation facilitation agency that helps guide Prospective Parents and Egg Donors through the egg donation process, from start to finish. Our agency matches Prospective Parents with Donors and manages all the complex arrangements associated with an egg donation cycle. We are in the business of helping families conceive children that they are unable to conceive on their own due to a wide variety of reasons. We are here to be your "helping hand" throughout your egg donation cycle. Tiny Treasures’ staff emphasizes the importance of confidentiality, sensitivity, communication, and support with our clients. Our agency works with a wide variety of clients, including single, gay, and lesbian Prospective Parents, in addition to traditional couples. With offices based in Massachusetts and , New York, and California, Tiny Treasures works with Egg Donors and Prospective Parents throughout the world. The New England Office of Tiny Treasures is dedicated to serving Egg Donors residing in the states of MA, NH, RI and ME

Upon reviewing our Egg Donor Information and Application Packet, if you determine that becoming a Egg Donor is the right decision for you, your initial step is to complete the Egg Donor application. Upon receipt of the completed application, our staff will screen your information and contact you with any further questions we may have. We require that you mail us hard copies of a valid photo I.D., the required signed releases/forms, and documentation verifying your academic achievements (e.g., college transcripts, SAT/ACT score reports, etc.). All other information, including the completed application and several photos of yourself, may be emailed to us. Egg Donors residing in Massachsuetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Maine may email us at newenglanddonors@tinytreasuresagency.com, while Egg Donors residing in any other state may email us at nationaldonors@tinytreasuresagency.com. Since there is currently a high demand for Egg Donors, email is our preferred method of correspondence, as this will expedite the egg donor application review process. We will, however, gladly accommodate requests to mail hardcopy Egg Donor Information and Application Packets. Once you complete the screening process and you have been approved for acceptance into our program, we will post your Egg Donor profile (without your identifying information) and photos in Tiny Treasures' online Egg Donor Database. This database is password protected, so that only Tiny Tiny Treasures' Prospective Parents can view the information it contains. The time necessary to match our Egg Donors with recipients can vary greatly, from days to months. Egg Donors that opt to display their photos in our online Egg Donor Database are generally matched faster than Egg Donors that choose not to do so, but you do have the option of not posting your photos in our Egg Donor Database if that is your preference. In this case, however, we do reserve the right to email your photos to Prospective Parents upon request.

Once a Prospective Parent indicates an interest in matching with you for their egg donation cycle, you will be notified and, upon request, provided with a copy of the Prospective Parent's profile. If you accept the Prospective Parent’s offer, you will both be referred to separate attorneys to facilitate the contractual requirements of the egg donation process and you will initiate the actual Egg Donation Cycle.

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