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Egg Donation Services

Our Clients
We guide a wide variety of clients through the egg donation process. Our clients include single, gay, and lesbian Prospective Parents, as well as traditional couples.

Service Locations
With offices based in Massachusetts and New York, Tiny Treasures works with Egg Donors and Prospective Parents throughout the world.

Overview of Egg Donation Services
Tiny Treasures is an egg donation facilitation agency that guides Egg Donors and Prospective Parents through the process of egg donation, from start to finish:

  • Our agency will match Prospective Parents with the right Egg Donor for them. Prospective Parents can choose an Egg Donor from among the 200+ Egg Donors available in our Egg Donor Database or can request that we help them find the ideal Egg Donor via our specialty advertising services.
  • Upon being matched with an Egg Donor, we will facilitate the contractual agreements between the Prospective Parents and the Egg Donor. We will refer both parties to reputable fertility attorneys who will draft, review, and finalize the egg donation contract.
  • We will facilitate the coordination of a trust account, via a third-party reproduction trust account specialist, who will manage all the financial arrangements required for an egg donation cycle. This account will be used to distribute funds, as needed, for successful completion of the egg donation cycle.
  • We will refer Prospective Parents to reputable egg donation specialists and IVF clinics, if requested.
  • We will manage the arrangement of all medical and psychological appointments on behalf of the Egg Donor, to ensure a smooth egg donation cycle.
  • We will provide Egg Donors and Prospective Parents with accidental health and life insurance that will cover any unexpected medical difficulties caused by the egg donation cycle.
  • Lastly, we will guide and support both Prospective Parents and Egg Donors through the entire egg donation process. We understand that egg donation is an important and complex undertaking and we are here to be your "helping hand" throughout the process.

Out-of-State/Out-of-Area Egg Donation Arrangements

Tiny Treasures coordinates both in-state/local and out-of-state/area egg donation arrangements. An out-of-state/area egg donation refers to an arrangement in which the Egg Donor resides in a state or area other than that in which the Prospective Parents' IVF clinic is located, requiring the Egg Donor to travel for the egg donation cycle. Clinics vary greatly with regard to their out-of-state/area Egg Donor protocols. Many clinics allow for an out-of-state/area Egg Donor to be medically and psychologically screened, as well as initially monitored, at a clinic local to the Egg Donor. In this case, Tiny Treasures will coordinate all the necessary arrangements with a IVF clinic local to the Egg Donor. Some clinics require that the Egg Donor travel to their site for one or two days to complete all of the medical and psychological screening. Most clinics require that the Egg Donor travel to their site as she approaches her retrieval time, such that the last week or so of monitoring is carried out by the Prospective Parents' clinic. Typically,Egg Donors are required to travel for approximately 5-7 days for the egg donation monitoring and retrieval. Travel requirements vary greatly from clinic to clinic, however, and may range from 2 to 10 days. In addition to coordinating all the arrangements with the local screening/monitoring clinic, Tiny Treasures will coordinate all travel arrangements necessary for an out-of-state/area egg donation.

Legal Services
All egg donations coordinated by Tiny Treasures require an contract between the Egg Donor and Prospective Parents. This contract will address important legal implications pertaining to the egg donation agreement, including the legal responsibility of both parties, compensation agreement terms, ownership of eggs resulting from the egg donation, etc. The Egg Donor and Prospective Parents must be represented by independent attorneys, who will draft and carefully review the egg donation contract for them, explain their legal rights to them, and address any legal concerns they may have regarding the egg donation procedure. Tiny Treasures has good working relationships with many attorneys who specialize in third-party reproductive law and can refer Prospective Parents and Egg Donors to these attorneys, some of whom offer special discounted rates to Tiny Treasures' clients. Prospective Parents may also opt to locate and utilize their own legal counsel for the purposes of the egg donation contract.

Accidental Egg Donor & Recipient Insurance
Tiny Treasures has taken steps on behalf of our Egg Donors and Recipients to minimize the risk of financial loss that a complication of this type of procedure could present. Tiny Treasures, acting as a third party in procurement of insurance coverage, has secured a Blanket Accident Insurance Policy from Chartis Insurance, an AIG company, that protects Donors and Recipients. All Prospective Parents are required to purchase this Egg Donor and Recipient Accidental Health Insurance. This insurance will cover up to $250,000 of incurred medical expenses if either the Donor or Recipient experience medical problems as a result of the egg donation procedure. Any insurance claims over $3,500 will be in excess of any insurance the Egg Donor or recipient may have.

Optional Subsequent Egg Donation Cycle Policy
Since any egg donation cycle runs the risk of being unsuccessful, Tiny Treasures offers an optional Subsequent Egg Donation Cycle Policy. For any egg donation cycle coordinated by Tiny Treasures, Prospective Parents have the option of purchasing this policy to minimize expenses associated with their having to undergo another egg donation cycle, in the event that their original cycle is unsuccessful.

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