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International Prospective Parents

Tiny Treasures is aware of the difficulties that face many international Prospective Parents throughout the Egg Donor selection and egg donation cycle process. Many countries do not have laws governing egg donation and, in some countries, Egg Donor compensation is illegal. These restrictions result in unbearably long waiting periods for Egg Donors, as well as potentially unimpressive Egg Donor selection options. For many Prospective Parents this can prove to be a daunting experience. Thus, Tiny Treasures has implemented a program to smoothly and quickly facilitate the egg donation process for international Prospective Parents. Although we specialize in working with Prospective Parents in the United Kingdom and Australia, we have successfully worked with numerous Prospective Parents in a variety of countries.

Tiny Treasures will coordinate all the complex arrangements necessary to complete an egg donation cycle within the United States. Please refer to our Services page for an overview of all the services we can provide international Prospective Parents. Tiny Treasures will assist international Prospective Parents in selecting a Egg Donor and IVF clinic in the United States for their egg donation cycle. The cycle retrieval and transfer must occur in the United States and your Egg Donor will be held to United States’ egg donation and Egg Donor compensation laws.

International Prospective Parents will be required to travel to the United States to complete their egg donation cycle and travel requirements will depend on the IVF clinic they choose to work with. IVF Clinics typically require that international Prospective Parents travel to the United States twice: the first trip (1-2 days) for the initial consult and screening and the second trip (approximately 4-7 days) for the retrieval and transfer, although exact requirements may vary according to the clinical protocol. All additional egg donation cycle requirements for Prospective Parents, such as screening and monitoring, may be performed within their country of residence. Please note that due to many international countries’ restrictions or lack of governance over egg donation, it is highly unlikely that we will be able match international Prospective Parents with an Egg Donor in their country of residence or coordinate an egg donation cycle in that country.

Please contact us for additional information regarding the services we offer for international Prospective Parents.

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